Fun Things to Do in Tunisia

Tunisia enjoys a wonderful warm climate which is why it’s such a popular tourist destination for those looking for outdoor adventures and fun holiday experiences.

The great thing about visiting Tunisia is there is no shortage of affordable things to do from enjoying the seaside villages, relaxing by the pool at a top beach resort to exploring the Roman ruins and soaking up the history in the many museums throughout the country. Not to mention exploring the Sahara Desert and visiting some of the most beautiful Berber villages and the film sets from the Star Wars films.

Fun Experiences
You can enjoy a day ride on a pirate ship. Yes a pirate ship where the crew dress as pirates and sail you onto the crystal blue waters for the day as you explore the sights from a different angle, enjoy a traditional lunch and soak up the sun and views.

Camel trekking is one of the most popular things to do in Tunisia. Explore the golden dunes of the Sahara Desert on the back of a camel as you go deep into the desert to see the oasis villages, the unusual underground homes of the Berbers and the spectacular scenery.

Of course there is always the stretches of golden sand where you can lie back and relax on the water’s edge or enjoy some watersports. There are plenty of watersports on offer with kitesurfing and windsurfing being top choices. For those looking for an adventure there is scuba diving and jet biking to add that thrill element to your vacation.

If you love hiking then you’ll love Tunisia with the Tamerza area filled with fantastic hiking opportunities and for those looking for a thrill, there are plenty of rock climbing opportunities that gets you out in the sunshine while enjoying the panoramic views.

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