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Fun Things to Do in Djerba

Djerba is probably the most visited island in northern Africa. Set on the Mediterranean coast just off Tunisia, this island offers a selection of luxury beach resorts, water sports, attractions and a variety of fun things to do in Djerba. The island has become a tourist destination catering to holiday makers from around the world.

When staying in Djerba you’ll find that most of the beach resorts have their own private beaches and offer a selection of fun water activities from jet biking and scuba diving to snorkeling and more.

The Medina

Every major city and town in Tunisia has a Medina. The Medina is the old town and you can find one in Djerba. This is a must when in the area where you can wander through the narrow passages and covered alleys, soak up the traditional architecture and shop at the souk, which is a traditional market.

Houmt Souk Medina
Houmt Souk Medina


Djerba has no shortage of coastal areas with long stretches of sandy beaches enabling you to relax and enjoy your holiday, soak up the sun or even have some fun taking part in one of the water sports on offer. The waters are clear, offering spectacular water skiing and jet biking opportunities. On some beaches you can even take the opportunity to ride a camel or gallop a horse along the water’s edge.

Lalla Hadhria Museum

The Lalla Hadhria Museum offers you a chance to soak up some Tunisian and Arab-Islamic history and culture. This large museum is dedicated to art with fifteen galleries offering thousands of pieces just waiting to be explored.


Djerba Golf Course caters to all golfing enthusiasts with both an eighteen and nine hole courses. You can also find a practice course if you just want to brush up on your game during your holiday.

Mediterranean Crocodile Farm

Over four hundred crocodiles are waiting to greet you at the Crocodile Farm on Djerba. All the crocodiles have been imported from the Nile and sit in their pools gazing at you as you wander by. It’s a fun way to spend the day as a family or just to experience something new while in Tunisia.

Visit Djerba Island on a Private Tour

Get in touch with one of our Tunisia travel experts to plan a private tour including a variety of fun things to do in Djerba.

Djerbahood Urban Street Art
Djerbahood Urban Street Art

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