Fun Foods of Tunisia

Tunisia is an area located high up in North Africa, located on the Mediterranean Sea offering beautiful natural beauty and rich in history and culture. When touring Tunisia, trying some of the local cuisine is a must, not everything is hot and spicy and they welcomed the French influence offering tasty food with magnificent aromas.

Most of the cuisine you find in Tunisia includes meat or fish along with large amounts of vegetables and couscous.

Here are some of the amazing dishes you can expect to try when visiting the area:

• Brik – A snack of fried egg in a thin pastry parcel often filled with tuna or vegetables.
• Harissa – This is a red chili and garlic sauce which is added to most dishes
• Mechouia is a mashed vegetable dish
• Lablabi is a traditional broth made with chickpeas and bread
• Chorba is a spicy lamb or chicken broth
• Kamounia is a meat stew
• Tajine is a must have, it’s a baked omelet with potato, meat and cheese
• Felfel Manchi are sweet peppers filled with lamb
• Ojja is a perfect breakfast dish of scrambled eggs with mild chili and tomato, often meat is added to the dish as well
• Osbane is for the brave tourist, this dish is animal gut filled with meat and is considered a firm favorite in the area among the locals

Tunisia has no shortage of spectacular desserts including:

• Oudnin el-Kadhi which is a nut and honey cake which is fried in oil
• Makroud are date cakes
• Samsa Delice is similar to a croissant but is filled with a variety of dried fruit
• Yo Yo are outstanding and are donuts made with fresh orange juice and once they are fried they are dipped in honey syrup.

There are many other great choices available and if nothing appeals to your palate, don’t worry, a majority of the hotels and restaurants offer an international menu as well.

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