Fun Adventure Experiences in Tunisia

When planning a vacation to Tunisia you probably have the Sahara Desert in mind, maybe a trip to Djerba Island and the chance to stay in a five star beach resort.

While all of these ideas are fantastic and should not be missed, there are some fun adventure experiences that will let you see the sights, experience what Tunisia has to offer and soak up the beauty this north African country has to offer.

Red Lizard Train
Take a forty five minute train ride on a nineteenth century train along the old mining tracks as you gaze at the most spectacular mountains and rock formations and magnificent canyons.

The train journey starts at Metlaoui and finishes in Redeyef. This is a fun adventure that enables you to enjoy the spectacular landscapes in comfort and style.

Soar Above the Sahara
The Sahara Desert is one of the major Tunisian attractions and you don’t want to see if from a helicopter and let the noise of the engines ruin the tranquil and peaceful setting.

Hot air balloon rides over the Sahara is the best way to explore this beautiful area. The Sahara is vast with large dunes that change color as the sun moves and you can see it all from the sky.

Sahara Atlas Mountains
Spend an afternoon hiking the beautiful Sahara Atlas Mountains where you can soak up the views and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the area. A chance to be out in the fresh air and enjoy views as far as the eye can see.

Ride a Camel into the Sunset
Another fantastic way to explore the Sahara is on a camel. These great animals have the stamina to take you deep into the heat of the desert over the sandy plains as you get to see the towering dunes and magnificent oasis areas.

Let us plan the perfect customized tour for you, to include these adventurous activities that you will never forget!

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