Facts About Tunisian Travel

Tunisia is a beautiful country set in Northern Africa and a popular tourist destination with holiday makers from around the world. Tunisia enjoys a warm climate throughout the year and offers holiday makers a host of spectacular sites, attractions, beaches and activities.

Being Stopped at Customs
Don’t be surprised if you are stopped at customs when you arrive in Tunisia or when you are heading home, this is completely normal and is done to ensure you are abiding by the rules.
It is important to remain calm and be patient. Getting angry or shouting will only make matters worse.

Know what you are allowed to bring in and take out of the country. This way you can ensure that if you are stopped for any reason, you can get through customs quickly. You are allowed four hundred cigarettes or five hundred grams of tobacco. You are also only allowed two hundred and fifty milliliters of perfume.

The currency in Tunisia is the Tunisian Dinar or TD which is made up of one hundred millimes. Currency is available in five to thirty Tunisian Dinar and five to five hundred millimes.
ATM machines are available in all the major cities, airports and hotels. Traveler checks are also exchangeable at hotels and airports and the major banks in the bigger cities. Bear in mind once you move out of the city to discover what Tunisia has to offer, only cash is accepted.

When traveling to Tunisia it is recommended that you receive a typhoid vaccination prior to travel. Once in the country bear in mind that it is a very warm climate and tap water isn’t always the safest option, be sure to have plenty of bottled water available to keep yourself hydrated at all times.

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