Exploring Sousse in Tunisia

Sousse is a popular tourist destination in Tunisia, located only 140 kilometers south of the country’s capital, Tunis. Set along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, this city offers superior hotels, fantastic white beaches and a wonderfully warm climate throughout the year.

The north beach area of Sousse is where you will find all the luxurious hotels complete with their own private swimming pools, restaurants and bars only a stone’s throw from the magnificent sandy beaches where you can enjoy a host of great watersports, which is what makes this area such a popular choice for families, adventure seekers and couples alike.

Sousse is home to a beautiful Medina, the old Town. The Medina is not as large as you would find in many of the other Tunisian cities, but offers its own character and is bursting with culture. Wander the covered alleys, do some shopping in the shops or enjoy some electrifying atmosphere at the traditional market where you can find a host of items from clothing to jewelry and carpets to leather goods and perfumes.

There are many other great attractions within the city limits including the archaeological museum and the Ribat, which is a watch tower dating back to 821AD. The Ribat is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Sousse and can be found at the entry to the Medina.

You can catch a taxi to Port El-Kantaoui, which is only a short drive away. This area also offers spectacular beaches, boat trips, golf, horseback riding and fishing. This is a top area for tourists looking for some adventure and fun during their Tunisian vacation with a host of activities for families and adventure seekers.

Sousse is easily accessible by plane from Tunis or using a bus or qualified and reputable tour company.

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