Experience the Natural Beauty of Tamerza

Tamerza is a large mountain oasis in Tunisia which is an outdoor wonderland for those who enjoy hiking and rock climbing. Tamerza is home to an old town filled with traditional architecture, two waterfalls and plenty of gorges to hike and climb. Tamerza is included in the Best of Tunisia Tour.

The area is home to the Tamerza Festival which normally runs in around April / May each year where you can enjoy a selection of Berber festivities including a choice of stalls selling traditional items.

Tamerza was flooded in 1969, twenty two days of rain forced many to abandon their homes. Today the ruins of these homes still stand, an opportunity for you to explore the area and see what it must be like to live in such a beautiful part of this country.

While Tamerza is a great place to visit and is home to one of the top Tunisian hotels, you can see the area within a day and may want to explore a little further.

Mides is only six kilometers from Tamerza and is a three kilometer long gorge which is magnificent when it comes to natural beauty. The white houses of the locals are dotted around the gorge, adding to the picturesque beauty of the area.

Chebika is another stunning mountainous area close to Tamerza, a chance to throw on your hiking boots and enjoy the stunning scenery.

While these areas are remote and don’t have many sites to offer a tourist, they are very popular throughout the year due to their natural beauty and outdoor activities. Those that want to try a different side to Tunisia and hike mountains to get the best possible view or spend days hiking the gorges, then this is one place you shouldn’t leave off your travel list when next holidaying in Tunisia.

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