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Hammamet is only an hour from Tunis, the capital of Tunisia and is one of the top Tunisian tourist destinations. This former fishing village sits on the waters edge of the Mediterranean Sea offering wonderfully warm days, cool sea breezes and magnificent beaches.

It’s here where you will find some of the finest beach resorts and boulevards lined with restaurants and shops. The modern part of this area is very tourist orientated with great shops, restaurants, cafes and attractions.

Heading into the Medina (the Old Town) you’ll notice that it is smaller than the one in Tunis and yet offers spectacular architecture and a bustling souk, where you can buy a host of traditional items from leather goods to pottery and jewelry to clothing.

The beaches are the biggest highlight in the area, of course with such a warm climate, spending the days on the beach are relaxing and enjoyable. Some parts of the beach are private belonging to the resorts that also offer a host of fun water sports from jet biking to scuba diving.

When you think luxury in Tunisia, you think of Hammamet. This tourist location is where you find the most luxurious beach resorts with swimming pools overlooking the crystal blue waters of the beach and Mediterranean Sea.

Make your way to Figuia Animal Park, a top highlight for families visiting the area. The park is nature reserve built to conserve nature and you’ll find a range of animals from tigers and lions all living within their natural habitat.

Hammamet offers a host of activities including golf and if you want to soak up some history and culture you can stop at the twelfth century Kasbah (fort), which is both amazing from the inside and delightful on the inside.

This tourist area is popular for a reason. When you are lying on the beach soaking up the sun, you will be amazed by the pure beauty that this country in Northern Africa has to offer. Take a look at our Tunisia itineraries or contact us to customize a private tour!

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