Dougga is an ancient Roman city and World Heritage Site found in Tunisia, it is considered the best preserved Roman town in North Africa and once you arrive you will understand why.

The ruins in the city date back to 2BC and are architectural masterpieces that will have you amazed as you soak up the history of this ancient city. The Trifolium Villa was a residence in Dougga and the largest that has been found to date. The second or upper storey has broken away completely now, but you are still able to see the ground floor which shows how the building was designed to work with the land including sloping entrance halls and courtyards.

The Punic Libyan Mausoleum is a masterpiece of its own standing twenty one meters high and believed to be dedicated to Atban. You access the mausoleum by steps which is set over three levels including a funeral chamber.

Two triumphal arches still stand in Dougga and while mostly in ruins, they are a rare sight to see, not too far from the mausoleum.

Head to the Licihian Baths where the walls still stand offering you insight into the lives of the residents who lived here so long ago, you can also enjoy the most picturesque valley views from the baths.

Then there is the theatre, another building that has been well-preserved over the years. There are three Roman baths, temples and mosaics which have been discovered so far.

Walking along the winding original roads of this ancient city you can really soak up the history this area has to offer, untouched as the rest of the country modernized, it offers the best experience when visiting Tunisia if you enjoy history and culture.

The city has so much to offer with lots of photographic moments from the ruins of these architectural delightful buildings to the magnificent valley views.

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