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We would recommend Mosaic to all our friends without hesitation. As expected, we did regret not staying at Sidi Idriss. Once Grant saw that there was a “George Lucas” room, he regretted not being able to sleep in that room. Having said that, we did really enjoy L’Auberge Tamezret. Overall, we had a magnificent time, so we will always remember this as our best couples’ trip! Heather - April 2023
Kristin & Family
We had such an amazing time in Tunisia! What a lifetime of memories: visiting salt flats, camping at the foot of the Sahara desert, riding a camel, touring Berber villages, and of course visiting a few infamous Star Wars filming locations! Tunisia is such a diverse and beautiful country. Our tour guide, Mohammad, was so great and was so good about explaining different things along our tour. We felt safe and well and taken care of! We’d certainly use Mosaic on our next trip! Kristin - March 2023
John posing with camel
I want to thank Mosaic North Africa for a wonderful tour experience in Tunisia! Everything about the tour exceeded my expectations- Dar Ben Gacem was an amazing and authentic hotel that couldn’t stop feeding me- they just kept bringing out more food at each meal (very good food too). Nadhem was an awesome tour guide, highly knowledgeable and friendly. The itinerary was perfectly planned out. John - March 2023
Driver & Guide
I enjoyed going to some but not all souks and medinas. The smaller less crowded souks and medinas in the towns were more enjoyable because I could walk pleasantly and interact with the shop owner without being concerned about being hit by two and three wheeled motor scouters in the bigger souks or trampled by the crowds. I enjoyed all museums that we visited and in particular the museum in Sousse. This museum had extraordinary mosaics and stelas. I also found the visit to the American North African Cemetery and Mareth Military museums as unexpected surprises because they were both interesting and educational. Jeff - February 2023
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I enjoyed all the sights and sites of this trip to Tunisia. Especially interesting we’re the Roman ruins of Carthage, Sbeïtla, Mactaris, Dougga and El Djem (incredible mosaícos and amphitheater). The oases of Douz, Tamaghza, and Ksar Ghilane were amazing. I enjoyed very much Kairouan (mosque and medina), as well as beautiful Sidi Bou Said, the cave homes of Matmata, the salt flats of Chott El Jerid, and Tozeur (unusual architecture and medina). I have many pleasant memories of this trip. Oh, and excellent choices for hotels. Gary - February 2023
Matthew & girlfriend
We had a great time on our trip! Tunisia as a country and our specific itinerary were packed with a variety of activities. The Sahara festival was very fun and interesting, although a bit of organized chaos. If you are fine with not knowing what to expect but you like to see something unique and have a great cultural experience, I would recommend it. Every day was full of great and different experiences. Highlights were the festival, Sidi Bou Said, and the cave hotel. Would definitely recommend Tunisia Tours (Mosaic North Africa) to anyone interested in North Africa travel. Matthew - December 2022
David & Joyce
We were not disappointed. Centuries-old houses turned into tourist accommodations are elaborate with colorful doorways, rose-petal strewn pools in the courtyard where breakfast was served, ornately carved ceilings in bedrooms, doors with heavy iron keys, and rooftop terraces for watching sunsets. Likewise, Tunisia Tours (Mosaic North Africa), the company that arranged our itinerary, guide, and accommodations was stellar... David & Joyce - December 2022
Kara & Timothy
I really can’t believe how much we fit in 11 days, and I think that’s a testament to how well planned the trip was. We are so happy we decided to go on this trip, and won’t hesitate to recommend Tunisia Tours (Mosaic North Africa) to everyone we know. The only bad part was coming home, but we are definitely planning on Algeria in a few years! Kara & Timothy - December 2022
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