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There were so many wonderful experiences on our Tunisia getaway. From the historical perspectives to the just plain adventurous, everything we did while in Tunisia was both an educational and pleasurable experience. From the 5-star hotel stay to the guided tours of the Roman, Muslim and Christian landmarks, to the daily excursions to experience native Tunisian life, to the adventurous Saharan four-wheelin’ expedition, Arabian camel ride and Oasis respite, our Tunisian tour absolutely ranks as one of the best vacations I’ve ever experienced! Thank you Eliel and staff for your service John King
We have used Tunisia Tours to make arrangements for us in both Sousse and Hammamet. We were extremely pleased by the way Tunisia Tours responded quickly to our requests. They found us hotels that were just like we requested. Our stays were relaxing and stress-free. We plan on booking more hotels through Tunisia Tours in the future! Kris K
I have used Tunisia Tours a number of times for my travels with small groups in Tunisia. Normally we travel to many different places in the country. I have found the staff very helpful in booking us into the different hotels I have asked for. In Tunisia there are a number of different stars for hotels, and there are no stars. I have been in different kinds of hotels all over the country – with no and 5 stars. Tunisia Tours has been very helpful to provide the hotels that I have asked for and when arriving at the hotels I have never had an issue, everything has been ready for us at the desk. While not speaking Arabic or French, to have no issues with hotel bookings is just one more blessing while traveling in Tunisia. Thank you Tunisia Tours! Steve
When traveling to a new destination, especially one in a foreign country, safety and communication are high priorities for me and my family. Tunisia Tours helped us to find great lodging in comfortable and safe hotels. They were always accessible, friendly and knowledgeable concerning my questions and concerns both before and during travel. They even followed up with us after our trip to make sure that we were well taken care of. These guys have world class service. I highly recommend them when traveling and exploring through North Africa. Jon Grogg
We were in a corner on a tight schedule as our conference organizer had fallen through at the last minute. We were put in contact with Tunisia Tours and they sorted us out with accommodation very quickly and very close to where we were meeting. Anon
Thank you Tunisia Tours for planning and providing such a wonderfully colorful and cultural experience. Our Tunisian vacation included resort accommodations with meals, and guided tours of places we might never have discovered on our own. It didn’t matter if we were at the souk or in the catacombs of Sousse, visiting the museum in Tunis or touring the ruins of the colosseum in El Jem, whether trekking into the Sahara on a camel or being taken for a thrilling ride over the dunes in a Range Rover, our time in Tunisia was fun-filled and unforgettable! We were blessed to have the same tour bus driver, and tour guide throughout our visit, and discovered how warm the Tunisians can be. We especially want to thank Eliel Salles of EIT Tunisia who personally designed our trip. This was the first time I had ever used my passport, and I am still amazed we were able to travel to the other side of the world and enjoy an exotic and luxurious 2-week vacation for less than the cost of a 10-day cruise here in the States. Suzy King
Thank you so very, very much for all your help with our great adventure to Tunisia and for making our trip within Tunisia an incredible experience… We had an awesome time. I am happy to tell friends and family about the trip and about your company. We so enjoyed the overnight trip in the Sahara Desert. The people were friendly, warm and inviting even though we did not speak the language. We rented a car and drove throughout the country finding the people of Tunisia very friendly and warm, the police were everywhere which made us feel safe and they were very friendly and waved us through stops and assisted us with directions to different sites. I would highly recommend Tunisia and Experience It Tours to those willing to take the adventure of a life time and see a land full of history and wonderful people. Mark, John Mark, & Joshua
Thank you for all your help in getting our hotel reservations and the assistance while we were in the country. One of the things that had a major impact on my experience was the visit to the Catacombs and El Djem. Njaal was a great guide for the catacombs and his comments really touched my heart. Again, thanks for helping us make this trip a success. Rod
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