As you arrive in Carthage you are welcomed by the history of this residential suburb. It’s a step back in time to the ancient times when this city was a thriving sea port.

Carthage was a rich and beautiful sea port which was destructed by the Romans. Sadly the city stood in ruins for over one hundred years, but was established again in 44BC by the Romans. Even though the majority of the city was in ruins, there was still some small remains of the thriving sea port that stood there before that.

It is believed over 700,000 people lived in the city and today you can still see the evidence of this. The best place to experience what Carthage was all those thousand years ago is to visit Punic Port. Punic Port is based on the original remains, home to a picturesque circular island in the center of the port, which is a wide canal and is a must to see for all visitors.

The suburb today is a major tourist attraction for all visitors to Tunisia, this is where you can see the Tophet grave sites. It is believed that child sacrifices were performed here, close to Punic Port, the children’s graves are still there today and are a popular tourist attraction in the area.

The Antoine Baths are steeped in history and were the largest Roman baths at that time. Today the top of the buildings are gone and the baths stand in ruins, but the lower halls still remain showing the vastness of this historical site.

Carthage is filled with museums, gardens, a magnificent cathedral and the original theatre. Even the Tunisian presidential palace sits in the city.

While you soak up the history of this once magnificent ancient city, you can visit Byrsa Hill where you can see the remaining columns, statues and experience the most panoramic views of the city that thrives today.

This is an area of history and culture, the only nightlife and restaurants you will find in Carthage are located within the confines of the hotels in the area, but the beauty of the area combined with the history make it a definite must for anyone visiting Tunisia.

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