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Djerba Island is the largest North African island and a very popular tourist attraction with its magnificent sandy shorelines and picturesque sunsets. Getting to the island from Tunisia is easy, there is the bus or you can drive yourself, both require a short ferry ride to bring you to an island surrounded by Mediterranean coastline and miles of unspoiled beaches hosting a choice of fantastic water sports.

Medina is the ancient part of Tunis, the old city and the first Arab-Muslim town, which is now a World Heritage Centre. Back in the twelfth century, this center was considered the wealthiest in the area. Today Medina is a hive of activity from the colorful market areas to the heritage sites. There are over seven hundred historical monuments from magnificent mosques and noble houses to delightful palaces and fountains.

As you travel towards the town of Matmata in south Tunisia you can soak up the magnificent scenery, driving one of the three roads into the town, you only notice the town once you are actually upon it. This is a town with a difference that will have you captivated from the minute you arrive. Don’t be fooled, the fact that this town is almost invisible if you aren’t sure what you are looking for does not mean it’s not a major tourist attraction rich in history, culture and with celebrity status.

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