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Kairouan is a Muslim Holy City which was founded in 670, today it is the fourth holy city after Mecca and is also included in the World Heritage list due to it being so well preserved, especially the mosques within the walls. Until modern times only Muslims were allowed inside Kairouan walls, today it is a popular tourist attraction rich in Islamic history and culture and offering tourists an opportunity to see a beautiful city filled with magnificent architecture.

Dougga is an ancient Roman city and World Heritage Site found in Tunisia, it is considered the best preserved Roman town in North Africa and once you arrive you will understand why. The ruins in the city date back to 2BC and are architectural masterpieces that will have you amazed as you soak up the history of this ancient city. The Trifolium Villa was a residence in Dougga and the largest that has been found to date. The second or upper storey has broken away completely now, but you are still able to see the ground floor which shows how the building was designed to work with the land including sloping entrance halls and courtyards.

When you think of picturesque, quaint and beautiful, you are describing this Northern Tunisian town which is located about twenty kilometers from Tunis, the Tunisian capital. This little town set on the mountainside gazing over the blue Mediterranean Sea is a popular tourist attraction along with its scenic port. The town itself looks like a painting with white walls and blue doors and windows to all the buildings that line the cobbled and winding lanes and streets.

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