Beautiful Coastal Towns in Tunisia

Set on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia has a selection of beautiful coastal towns to be explored. From ancient ports to beach resort areas, Tunisia has it all.

Tabarka was an ancient Phoenician port and major trading post. Today it is known for its coral fishing. Tourists visiting Tabarka can enjoy plenty of outdoor and water activities from scuba diving and snorkeling to sailing and hiking.

Hammamet is a popular tourist destination brimming with beach resorts, sandy shorelines and blue waters. This area is very popular because of its beautiful beaches and watersports, but there is more to Hammamet than sand and sea. They have a popular Medina, the old town, which is a maze of passages and alleys filled with traditional architecture and a traditional market where you can buy souvenirs.

Sousse is filled with history and culture. There are a choice of historical sights and a picturesque marina to see. You can walk along the marina and gaze at the yachts bobbing in the water or you can head to a museum to soak up the culture. This coastal town offers you a selection of things to do when in the area.

Monastir is another of the popular tourist destinations with its marina and choice of fantastic beaches where you will see sun bathers, surfers and wind surfers. There is the Museum of Islamic Arts here which is a popular museum and well worth the visit when in the area.

Djerba is an island and also a popular beach resort area. They have spectacular sandy beaches, a host of watersports and a lively market place where you can buy gifts for home. Wander through the market area filled with pleasant aromas and colors and enjoy some bartering with the stall owners before heading back to your hotel.

Let us know which coastal towns you want to include on your next Tunisian experience and we’ll be glad to include them on your itinerary!

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