What is affordable luxury?

What is the difference between Luxury and affordable luxury? There is a simple answer to this…a lot of money and in most cases no difference in quality.

For the past 7 years, we have listened to our clients creating and designing some enjoyable high-end tours that are luxurious and authentic, yet they don’t break the bank. Our secret is that we use the same vehicles, the same 5 star riads, the same driver, but not the “brand name travel company” which means we can offer you an affordable price for your top end tour.

Try Our Challenge! Have a look around at the other high-end operators offering luxury tours to Tunisia. Compare their drivers, riad & hotels, meals etc. to our tour packages and see if what you notice a difference. Compare our prices to theirs; I am sure you will find that we offer an excellent service for a lot less money. And the bonus is how many of them can say that they have their own personal representative living in Tunisia overseeing their valued clients?