A Touch of Luxury in Tunisia

When holidaying in Tunisia there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy some much needed luxury and pampering and there are two ways to achieve this. You can choose a traditional hammam, which is a public bath or you can head to the modern spas offered at a number of the top five star luxury hotels.

The Traditional Choices
The hammams are public baths similar to the Turkish baths and are a popular choice with both locals and holiday makers. When you arrive at the hammam you will be directed to a locker room where you can change into your bathing suit before heading to the steam area where all the toxins will be steamed from your body. After some time an attendant will collect you and move you to another area where you will be scrubbed and massaged before you are able to return to the locker room to change.

You may think that this is an unhygienic option, but you’ll be amazed how clean and refreshed you will feel after trying this traditional luxurious experience.

Remember that Tunisia is an Islamic country so if you are traveling as a couple you may have to visit different hammams or the one hammam will have different opening times for men and women.

The Modern Choices
If you prefer to visit a luxurious spa as you would back home then all you have to do is visit one of the top beach resorts or five star hotels in Tunisia. The spas here offer Jacuzzis, steam rooms, sauna, massage treatments and a host of spa treatments from reflexology to aromatherapy, just what you would expect when visiting a luxurious spa for the day.

Whether you choose to go with the modern or traditional spa experience, you get to have a memorable luxurious experience in the heart of Tunisia and a relaxing break from all the sightseeing experiences.

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