A Guide To Mahdia, Tunisia

Mahdia is a coastal city in Tunisia resting on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea with beautiful resorts and spectacular views. The city dates back to the Phoenician times and is an important area for the Tunisian fishing industry.

You can easily spend a day wandering around the beautiful coastal areas, watching the brightly colored fishing boats bobbing on the water or wandering around some of the sights this city has to offer.

There are a few things in this city to keep you occupied during your Tunisia tour, whether you are visiting for the day or whether you are staying in Mahdia.

The Great Mosque
This large brick mosque has been reconstructed to it’s original ninth century style. The most appealing feature of this monumental building is the large entrance which is similar to a large Roman entrance.

While the mosque is not open to non-Muslims, the size of the building and the architectural design is worth you taking the time to visit the area and have a look around.

The Market
There are very few Tunisian areas that does not have a traditional market, known as a souk and Mahdia is no different. The souk is a hive of activity filled with brightly colored traditional clothing, superb jewelry, leather goods and the fantastic aroma of perfumes.

These markets are a highly popular tourist attraction offering visitors the opportunity of taking a piece of Tunisia home with them.

Mahdia Zoo
The Mahdia nature reserve and zoo is a favored tourist attraction for those traveling with children. The petty zoo is perfect for younger children where they can interact with the animals. A fun day for the whole family.

Ride a Quad Bike
Mahdia offers a fun quad bike hire where you can experience the area on a quad bike, reach the areas that are difficult to reach by car and enjoy some perfect photographic moments.

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