A Day in Carthage, Tunisia

When visiting Tunisia you want to explore all this beautiful north African country has to offer including some of the ancient archaeological sites. Carthage is at the top of the list, this area is in Tunis which is the Tunisian capital.

Carthage was originally a Phoenician colony dating back to the ninth century BC and was considered the richest sea port in ancient times with over two hundred thousand people living there during the Roman times.

Carthage offers some of the most well-preserved Roman ruins, a chance to step back in time and really get a feel of what it must have been like to live there all those thousands of years ago.

The Antonine Baths is a highlight and considered the largest Roman baths, there is also the port, which was man made and truly spectacular.

Here you can also visit the tombs, the residential buildings and the cathedrals, while they now stand in ruins, you can still get a sense of their vast sizes.

Byrsa Hill is where you will find a choice of columns and a large tower that offer magnificent views of the surrounding area.

Visit the Carthage Museum
While in Carthage you can stop in the museum where all the artifacts that have been discovered have been placed on display. There is a selection of galleries showcasing marble carvings, jewelry, mosaics and statues.

The museum is located on Byrsa Hill, so again you can soak up the views while you explore this amazing and interesting area.

How to Get to Carthage
If you are staying in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, then getting to Carthage is easy. All you need to do is catch the TGM light rail from Tunis to one of the Carthage stations. Bear in mind a tour group is an easier choice offering luxurious travel and a knowledgeable tour guide.

A visit to carthage is included on all of our Tunisia itineraries.

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