3,000 Years of Tunisian History: Medinat Alzahra Park

park1Visitors to Tunisia will not want to miss one of the countries rising historical parks called Medinat Alzahra. This 12 acre park is dedicated to presenting a theatrical performance spanning 3,000 years of Tunisia’s history. Visitors are taken back in time through a spectacular music and light show setting the stage for actors dramatizing the rise of Tunisia’s history complete with costumes, dancing, horse-riding performances, and majestic music. A visit to this park may be the perfect thing to add to your private Tunisian tour.

Upon arrival to the park, visitors pass through the gates of a large majestic wall, representing the old medinas, or old walled cities of the country. Inside there are “souks”, which are the traditional open markets displaying the riches of ancient skilled craftsmen. Continuing on, visitors walk through a centenary olive orchard towards an animated and vivid Bedouin encampment.

The camp’s authentic tents, live animals, and various traditions being acted out bring to life the nomadic life of the Bedouins of southern Tunisia. Around another nearby area of tents, the Alcayde, Arabian knights perform daring skillful stunts and races on pure Arabian blood horses. Before the show, visitors also enjoy an authentic Tunisian dinner while being entertained by traditional songs and dances.

park2After discovering the grounds and enjoying dinner, visitors settle in for a fantastic sound and light show leading to the exciting dramatization of the seven stages of Tunisia’s history. The land began with the traditional Berbers, but the rise of Carthage brought the light of knowledge to the nomads of Africa. Then came the order of the Roman Empire, the Arabian conquest, arrival of the Turks, the French protectorate, and finally recovered Independence by the Tunisian people.

Medinat Alzahra definitely entertains. Visitors will not be disappointed in this enjoyable dramatic portrayal using water, fire, image and sound to bring to life the rich civilizations that have come and gone creating the unique Tunisia we have today.

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