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3 Tunisia Travel Tips: Straight From Our Tunisia Travel Experts

Exploring the rich diversity that Tunisia offers is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience! From ancient Roman ruins to the serene Mediterranean Sea to the endless Sahara dunes, there is so much to explore while visiting Tunisia. For both first-time visitors and those who have visited Tunisia before, we understand it can feel overwhelming to plan an entire trip through Tunisia. It’s possible to spend countless hours researching flights, hotels, and local transportation only to feel stressed by the sheer volume of travel information. Yet, a holiday to Tunisia should be an enjoyable experience from the moment you decide to travel to Tunisia, to the day you return home from your trip with a memorable experience and a suitcase full of souvenirs. The best thing we can recommend is to seek the best Tunisia travel tips from travelers with experience.

Our team of Tunisia Travel Experts has helped hundreds of satisfied customers to visit Tunisia. They have “been there, done that” and want to share their wisdom and Tunisia travel tips to help you prepare for your Tunisia trip.

Our top 3 Tunisia travel tips would be:

Stay in a Variety of Accommodations in Tunisia
Book a Mid-Week Early Morning of Late-Night Flight to Tunisia
Always Book with Travel Agents Who Have Been to Tunisia

Tip #1 – Stay in a Variety of Accommodations in Tunisia

While there are plenty of luxury beach resorts along coastal Tunisia, we highly recommend diversifying your choice of hotel accommodations for an authentic Tunisian experience. Staying in one of Tunisia’s traditional “dars” is the best way to get up close to the Tunisian cultural heritage. A “dar” literally means “house” in Arabic and refers to historic houses with Arab-style architecture that have been converted into smaller boutique guesthouses. Dar Dhiafa in DjerbaDar Hi in Nefta, and Dar Seddik in Gafsa are just a few examples of the unique “dars” in Tunisia that we recommend.

Rooftop view from Dar Hi Life in Nefta
Rooftop view from Dar Hi Life in Nefta

Besides boutique guesthouses, you might also be interested in troglodyte hotels in Tunisia. Traditionally, the Berbers in Southern Tunisia have been living in underground troglodyte homes for centuries. Some of these troglodyte homes have been converted into hotels such as Hotel Marhala. Star Wars fans will be excited to know that Luke Skywalker’s home (the Lars Homestead) was actually filmed in a traditional Berber troglodyte home. Today, the film set is still standing and the troglodyte home has been converted into a hotel where you can spend the night.

Stay Wars fans can spend the night in Hotel Sidi Driss in Matmata (Lars Homestead Interior on Tatooine in Star Wars)
Stay Wars fans can spend the night in Hotel Sidi Driss in Matmata (Lars Homestead Interior on Tatooine in Star Wars)

Lastly, we also recommend avoiding the most luxurious accommodation at the front-end of your holiday. That will become your hotel standard for the rest of your Tunisia trip and any other hotel you stay in afterward will lead to disappointment.

Tip #2 – Book a Mid-Week Early Morning or Late-Night Flight to Tunisia

There are many factors to consider when booking your flight to Tunisia. It is obvious that you want a low-cost flight with as few layovers as possible, with each layover not being too long nor too short that you will miss your flight connection. Here we will list some of the other factors that are less obvious, but equally important when searching for your ideal flight to Tunisia.

Early Morning or Late-Night Flights

Early morning flights or late-night flights typically are less likely to be delayed compared to flights during the daytime. Another benefit is that you will avoid traffic jams during rush hours. You might even find that early morning or late-night flights are even cheaper than flying during the daytime.

Travel During Mid-Week

There are lots of research done on finding the best time to travel. Most statistics point to mid-week as being the best time to travel. Mid-week flights tend to be cheaper and also less busy. There are two main reasons for this: business travellers tend to fly on Mondays and Fridays, and leisure travellers tend to fly on Fridays to make the most of their weekends. If your holiday schedule permits, we recommend traveling during mid-week to get the best prices for your flights to Tunisia. There are lots of websites and apps such as Google Flights, Kayak and Hopper that you can use to find the best flights to Tunisia that works for you.

Exterior of the Tunis-Carthage International Airport
Exterior of the Tunis-Carthage International Airport

Tip #3 – Always Book with Travel Agents Who Have Been to Tunisia

It may be tempting to just visit your local travel agency to organize a Tunisia tour, but chances are none of those travel reps have ever set foot in Tunisia before. Ask them any Tunisia-related questions and they will either Google the answers or reach out to a Tunisia-based travel agency like ours. That is why we highly recommend choosing a travel agent who has traveled extensively in Tunisia. That way, their Travel Experts can provide travel tips based on personal experience that can actually save you money and also offer you the most authentic Tunisia travel experience.

At Mosaic North Africa, all of our Tunisia Travel Experts live and work on-the-ground in Tunisia and have traveled extensively throughout the country. Do you like hiking? We can add in a special hike to Ras Jebel to your Tunisia tour itinerary. Love to cook? We can organize a cooking lesson to cook Tunisian cuisine with a local. Working with our Tunisia Travel Experts mean we’re here to help you customize the most ideal Tunisia tour that meets all of your travel preferences.

Once you book a Tunisia tour with us, we will send you a Tour Package which includes important information specific to your custom Tunisia tour itinerary. We understand that it can be overwhelming to plan a trip to a foreign country. We are here to take care of all your planning so you can enjoy a hassle-free holiday.

Need More Tunisia Travel Tips?

Contact our Team of Tunisia Travel Experts and we will respond to your questions within 24 hours.

Joshua Mok works as the Sales and Marketing Manager. He loves to travel and has visited 25 countries so far. Joshua currently lives on the island of Djerba in Southern Tunisia, where he is committed to helping others to explore and experience this beautiful country through our private Tunisia tours.

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