Authentic Private Tours in Tunisia

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March 2014

winemakingintunisiaTunisia is Africa’s northernmost country, making it a rare location close to the equator for quality wine production. Along the northern coast and the Gulf of Tunis the climate is significantly influenced by the Mediterranean with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers creating a successful viticulture environment. For those who are interested, you should ask to include a visit to the vineyards on your Tunisia tour. Vine husbandry and winemaking were first introduced to Tunisia by the Phoenicians during the Punic era, when the city of Carthage was established. Wine production continued after the Romans occupied Carthage in 146 BC. Then after Tunisia’s conquest by Arabs in the 8th century AD, wine production was reduced but not eliminated. The French conquest of Tunisia in 1881, brought many knowledgeable and experienced engineers and large-scale wine production began in the country. After Tunisia’s independence in 1956, wine production continued but lack of expertise became a factor and production slowly decreased. The wine industry did not flourish in modern-day Tunisia until the late 1980s, early 1990s.

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