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June 2013

Tunis the capital of Tunisia in Northern Africa is probably not the place you would think to spend a romantic honeymoon. In fact Tunis is a beautiful city filled with historical sights, natural beauty and spectacular parks where you can sit and relax. Tunisia enjoys a warm climate which is why it’s such a popular tourist destination and what better way to spend a honeymoon than exploring new sights and enjoying the warmth of the sun on your back? The Medina Stroll the Medina hand in hand. The Medina is the old town and you can find one in every major Tunisian city. Often they are surrounded by walls and are filled with narrow passages and covered alleys. Here you will find the most amazing traditional architecture, mosques and historical buildings not to mention the fun and excitement of the souks.

Tamerza is a most spectacular mountainous area in Tunisia rich in magnificent gorges, quaint old towns and spectacular architectural delights. Tamerza has been a popular tourist destination for those who enjoy hiking and rock climbing for many years. The stunning cliffs combined with the wonderful warm Tunisian weather is a recipe for the perfect outdoor adventure. Each year around April and May there is the Tamerza Festival which is a fun and festive Berber festival which is enjoyed by many holiday makers and an experience to remember. Throughout the year people visit Tamerza where they can explore the ruins of the abandoned homes which were left after the 1969 floods. It rained constantly for twenty two days forcing residents to leave their homes and head for drier ground. The ruins are well preserved and well worth a visit. You can enjoy a walk to the ruins, enjoy the spectacular scenery and soak up some of the area’s history.

Tunisia is a popular holiday destination with thousands of travelers arriving each and every year. The magnificent sights, natural beauty and warm weather is the main attraction and the fact that Tunisia is affordable and regarded as the safest country in Africa. Customs As with any country you have to get through customs before being allowed to leave the airport and don’t be surprised if you are stopped at the Tunisian customs desk. The best way to handle the situation is to be patient, remain calm and let them do their job. Knowing what you are allowed to bring with you into the country and sticking to the rules will ensure you get through quickly without any hassles. It’s important when leaving Tunisia that you know you are only allowed to take gifts and souvenirs to the value of one hundred Tunisian Dinar. Money You can find bureau de change at all the international airports, major banks and top hotels. The currency in Tunisia is the Tunisian Dinar which is made up of milimes. There are notes

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