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April 2013

Tunisia is alive with natural beauty, spectacular historical sights, culture, history and national parks. The national parks are a great outdoor adventure for anyone holidaying in Tunisia whether you’re looking to hike the many trails or you are just looking for a relaxing afternoon of bird watching. Boukornine National Park Boukornine National Park is only fifteen kilometers away from Tunis and offers 1,939 hectares of flowers, animals and hiking opportunities. You can easily spend the day here exploring this vast landscape with picture perfect moments. Bou Hedma National Park Bou Hedma National Park is located eighty five kilometers from Gafsa in the Atlas Mountains. This national park is brimming with forests, endangered species and a host of wildlife. Whether you’re looking to relax with a leisurely walk or you’re looking to spot some animals, this park has it all.

Tunisia in northern Africa is not only a beautiful country with an abundance of natural beauty, but it’s a country which enjoys a wonderfully warm climate, making it a top choice for those looking for outdoor adventures. When holidaying in Tunisia you can spend your days exploring the sights, soak up the culture or find those extreme adrenaline experiences that you will remember for many years. Watersports Tunisia is set on the Mediterranean coastline with a host of spectacular sandy beaches and top quality beach resorts. It’s no surprise that watersports are one of the many outdoor activities on offer from surfing the waves to trying kite surfing for the first time or jet biking along the coastline to scuba diving and exploring the underwater world. Camel Trekking The Sahara Desert is one of the top tourist attractions and the best way to explore the huge sandy dunes is on a camel. A camel trekking experience in the Sahara is one you will never forget as you visit the Berber villages and see the spectacular sights.

Tunisia is a beautiful country set in Northern Africa and a popular tourist destination with holiday makers from around the world. Tunisia enjoys a warm climate throughout the year and offers holiday makers a host of spectacular sites, attractions, beaches and activities. Being Stopped at Customs Don’t be surprised if you are stopped at customs when you arrive in Tunisia or when you are heading home, this is completely normal and is done to ensure you are abiding by the rules. It is important to remain calm and be patient. Getting angry or shouting will only make matters worse. Know what you are allowed to bring in and take out of the country. This way you can ensure that if you are stopped for any reason, you can get through customs quickly. You are allowed four hundred cigarettes or five hundred grams of tobacco. You are also only allowed two hundred and fifty milliliters of perfume. Currency The currency in Tunisia is the Tunisian Dinar or TD which is made up of one hundred millimes.

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