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March 2013

Tozeur in Tunisia is best known for Star Wars, now you may be wondering why this is, but Star Wars was not filmed on a distant planet, it was filmed right here on earth, in Tunisia. You can visit the Star Wars location, such an exciting experience for fans around the world. Visit Luke’s home just outside Tozeur and see the set for yourself. Of course Tozeur has so much more to offer a visitor than just Star Wars, so it is a great adventure for the entire family. Le Paradis gardens are a top choice, these small gardens are truly magnificent and a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is a small zoo next to the gardens to delight children of all ages. Tozeur is located next to Chott el Jerid lake, offering magnificent beauty and picture perfect scenery. It is also an opportunity to explore the Sahara Desert. The desert makes up a large portion of Tunisia and is a favored tourist destination. You

Tunis, the capital of Tunisia offers visitors so much to do and see. Located to the north of Tunisia, this capital city enjoys breathtaking views, an abundance of historical and cultural sights. Be sure to include some time in Tunis on your Tunisian tour. Medina of Tunis The first place you will want to visit is the Medina, the Medina is the old town and lies in the heart of Tunis. It's here where you can explore the narrow passages and covered alleys and do some traditional shopping. Souks are very popular in Tunisia, these are traditional markets where you can buy a choice of great items from clothing and jewelry to pottery, carpets, leather goods and perfumes. Be sure to get your bartering face on because the vendors will expect you to try and get your money's worth. It is a shopping experience you will never

When you visit Tunisia you'll want to try some of the traditional dishes, don't worry there are plenty of European restaurants to choose from as well including American grills and Italian restaurants, but you want to try a few of the delicious culinary delights of the area when staying in Tunisia. Tunisia offers you an opportunity to make your taste buds dance. The dishes are flavorful and can be very spicy, the food here all has a Mediterranean twist. Harissa is a popular ingredient in many of the dishes, this is a hot red chilli and garlic mix combined with olive oil, coriander and cumin. You'll also find a lot of vegetables, fish and chicken in the meals, though game, beef, veal and lamb is also used regularly. Remember that Tunisia is an Islamic area so you won't find pork in any of the meals prepared for you. Couscous is also a very important ingredient and a staple here. Dar Bel Hadj This is a traditional restaurant in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. The restaurant is set in a seventeenth

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