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February 2013

When visiting Tunisia you want to explore all this beautiful north African country has to offer including some of the ancient archaeological sites. Carthage is at the top of the list, this area is in Tunis which is the Tunisian capital. Carthage was originally a Phoenician colony dating back to the ninth century BC and was considered the richest sea port in ancient times with over two hundred thousand people living there during the Roman times. Carthage offers some of the most well-preserved Roman ruins, a chance to step back in time and really get a feel of what it must have been like to live there all those thousands of years ago. The Antonine Baths is a highlight and considered the largest Roman baths, there is also the port, which was man made and truly spectacular. Here you can also visit the tombs, the residential buildings and the cathedrals, while they now

Tunisia located in northern Africa is a popular tourist destination due to it's spectacular sites and attractions and it's wonderful Mediterranean climate. What that means is that you can travel to Tunisia at any time of the year and enjoy a warmer climate with a host of activities from exploring the Sahara Desert to relaxing on the beach in one of the amazing coastal areas. Being a Mediterranean climate means that parts of Tunisia get hot in summer and when I say hot, I mean really hot. Then again some areas can experience rather chilling winters. The best time to visit if you want to stay away from the heat is during spring, from April to June and during autumn, from September to October. Things to Do During The Heat of Summer The hottest areas during the summer months will be the Sahara Desert, if you plan traveling in

Tunisia is a popular tourist destination due to its wonderfully warm climate, historical charm and natural beauty. From the numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites to the stretches of golden beach, Tunisia always has something to delight the whole family. The great thing about touring Tunisia is all the hidden gems you find along the way, there are so many beautiful villages and spectacular sights which are hard to reach, off the beaten track if you will, these places are stunning, offer great insight into the area and in some cases offer the most breath taking views and scenery. Chemtou Chemtou is north west of Tunis and is an ancient site close to the Algerian border. This area is famous for it's marble quarries. You can hope to find precious stones as you wander

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