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January 2013

Tamerza is a large mountain oasis in Tunisia which is an outdoor wonderland for those who enjoy hiking and rock climbing. Tamerza is home to an old town filled with traditional architecture, two waterfalls and plenty of gorges to hike and climb. Tamerza is included in the Best of Tunisia Tour. The area is home to the Tamerza Festival which normally runs in around April / May each year where you can enjoy a selection of Berber festivities including a choice of stalls selling traditional items. Tamerza was flooded in 1969, twenty two days of rain forced many to abandon their homes. Today the ruins of these homes still stand, an opportunity for you to explore the area and see what it must be

El Kef is a city located in north west Tunisia. The city sits on the cliff of the Jebel Dyr mountains and is only forty kilometers from the Algeria border. This beautiful city is rich in history and culture with a selection of sites to be explored on your Tunisia tour. The best way to get around El Kef is on foot, this way you can explore the city at your own pace and be sure you don't miss any of the delightful architecture and sites. Sidi Bou Maklouf Mausoleum This is one of the mausoleums in the area with an elegant minaret. The interior is superb with ornamental wood and ceramic tiles that are traditional Tunisian design. The mausoleum is worth a

Tunisia is a favored tourist attraction because of all the history and spectacular ruins and sites the country has to offer, but there is another side of Tunisia, the side that is filled with various wildlife, which has also become a major tourist attraction. You might want to consider visiting some of these national parks on your tour to Tunisia. The national parks in Tunisia is the best place to see the variety of animals, birds and plants that live in this area. There are eight national parks in Tunisia, each one offering visitors an opportunity to see all these animals and plants in their natural habitats. Bou Hedma National Park This national park is set in central Tunisia and is where you can see a selection of animals from gazelles to sheep and cattle to jackal. There are also porcupines, hyena and ostriches which live in the park. Boukornine National Park This national park is home to twenty five species of animal and bird life including the mongoose, boar, jackal, barn owls and booted eagles. The park is a great place to take a walk, soak up the natural beauty and see what animals you can spot as you explore the area.

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