Authentic Private Tours in Tunisia

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December 2012

When you think of Tunisia you think of a warm climate, huge sandy desert and plenty of well-preserved ruins, while this is true there is no reason you cannot try different things, get away from the taxi or public bus and try a different mode of transportation while you soak up the sights of this beautiful North African country. Here are some fun modes of transportation while on your Tunisia tour. Dotto Train If you're heading to Port El Kantaoui you really should take a ride of the Dotto Train, a small blue train that looks as though it came out of a children's story book. The train will take you from Port El Kanaoui to Sousse along the road, this train doesn't use tracks. It is a completely unique experience, a different way to travel while in Tunisia and a chance to soak up the sights as you go. Red Lizard Train The Red Lizard Train is a famous train known for being used in an Indian Jones film where he fought on top of it. Today this train will transport you from Metlaoui to Redafet all the way through the rocky desert, it is a sight to see and a different experience while holidaying in Tunisia.

Beautiful Tunisia is set in northern Africa and has become a very popular tourist attraction with it's selection of activities, natural beauty and top historical sites. The warm weather is a major contributing factor which brings holiday makers to the Tunisian shores throughout the year. The best way to travel Tunisia is to use a reputable tour guide. If you are looking for comfort and luxury then choosing a private tour company means you are not piled on a large coach with a group of strangers, but can rather enjoy your tour as a family or group of friends with private service to ensure you don't miss a thing. The Ultimate in Convenience When I traveled to Tunisia I found traveling with a private tour was the most convenient way to experience all the beauty and sights Tunisia has to offer. There isn't only one tour available so you can find the tour that meets your time scale. If you only have a week holiday, there is the convenient seven day tour and if you can get two weeks to enjoy sunny Tunisia, there is the thirteen night tour.

A Different Shopping Experience

When you arrive in Tunisia your breath will be taken away as you gaze upon a thriving city with rich natural beauty on it's doorstep. Whether you have chosen a tour operator that will take you around all the spectacular sights of Tunisia or whether you have booked your family into a beach side resort, visiting one of the many souks is a must when holidaying in this North African country. The souks are housed in the Medinas (the Old Towns). Souks are traditional markets which are alive with bright colors, people and wonderful aromas. The larger cities such as Tunis, Sousse, Kairouan and Sfax all have Medinas that house souks. Be prepared when you enter the souk for the first time, this is a very different shopping experience to what you are used to. The souks are set along the narrow passages and covered alleys with a large selection of stalls selling a choice of traditional Tunisian items.

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