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December 2012

Tunisia is a country filled with natural beauty and history, historical sites and well-preserved ruins are major tourist attractions. You can also view some of the superior historical artifacts at one of the many museums that Tunisia travel has to offer. The Bardo Museum The Bardo Museum located in Tunis is considered the richest museum due to it's number of beautiful mosaics. This museum is set in an old palace which is filled with breath taking Roman mosaics. You can find anything here from prehistorical artifacts to statues and modern jewelery all set within a beautiful setting where you can also soak up some of the beautiful architecture as you wander through the museum. Sousse Archaeological Museum This museum located in Sousse is also home to a fantastic collection of mosaics, statues and even Punic funeral objects. The objects are all housed in rooms within a Kasbah courtyard. The museum is worth visiting if you want to soak up some of this areas history.

Sfax is the second largest city in Tunisia and a popular destination with many business travelers. Interestingly it's not a majorly popular tourist destination and yet it has so much to offer with many interesting sights, spectacular architecture and an opportunity to soak up some of the country's history and culture. You might pass through Sfax on your tunisia tours... The Medina The Medina in Sfax is probably one of the most spectacular. It is surrounded by high walls with six entrances and is set in the heart of the city center not too far from the harbor. Wandering around the walls is an experience on it's own, though get on the inside and then walk around. You may be amazed to find that there are many residences still in use in this medina so you can wander the narrow passages, gaze at the spectacular architecture and enjoy the fact that there are children playing games in the narrow roads. Souk What is a Medina without a souk? Because the Medina is still used as a major residential area in Sfax you can find just about anything at the souks from traditional items to modern day clothing.

Tunisia located in North Africa is a country that is oozing with history, magnificent landscapes and delightful villages. Throughout Tunisia you can stumble across Roman ruins, museums and picturesque seaside villages that will take your breath away. There are give Tunisian sights which I consider the best and a must to see if you are heading to Tunisia for a vacation. The Medina in Tunis Tunis is the capital of Tunisia and it is here you will find the old town, also known as the Medina. You find a Medina in just about every major city and town in Tunisia, but the one in Tunis is the most impressive. From the bustling traditional markets called souks to the spectacular architecture, there is something to see and explore when wandering along the narrow passages of the Medina. Bardo Museum The Bardo Museum is one of the most impressive museums in the whole of Tunisia. This is where you can see the beautiful Roman mosaics which have been collected from around the country.

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