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November 2012

Mahdia is a coastal city in Tunisia resting on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea with beautiful resorts and spectacular views. The city dates back to the Phoenician times and is an important area for the Tunisian fishing industry. You can easily spend a day wandering around the beautiful coastal areas, watching the brightly colored fishing boats bobbing on the water or wandering around some of the sights this city has to offer. There are a few things in this city to keep you occupied during your Tunisia tour, whether you are visiting for the day or whether you are staying in Mahdia. The Great Mosque This large brick mosque has been reconstructed to it's original ninth century style.

There is something about Tunisia, maybe it's the natural beauty that envelopes this North African country or maybe it's the number of spectacular and well-preserved ruins that it has to offer. Some areas of Tunisia are only accessible by car, this means that they are not over-run by tourists, so many people don't know about them and one of these places is Oudna. If you're heading to Carthage for the day, be sure to stop by Oudna, you will not be disappointed. Oudna was a Roman settlement, better known as Uthina. Access from Carthage is by vehicle and this was also an airbase in the second world war. When you arrive in Oudna the one thing that will stand out is the magnificent amphitheater which is partly carved into the hillside.

Tunisia is a North African country that is not only rich in natural beauty, but is bursting with historical sites that are some of the best in the world. When you tour tunisia, you will definitely want to check out some of the following places Tunis Tunis is the capital of Tunisia and is set on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea where old is combined with new. The city embraces its Medina (Old City) which is filled with souks, spectacular mosques and a host of beautiful monuments. A day spent at the Medina will be a memory that you not only take home with you, but remember for many years to come. Carthage Carthage is a suburb of Tunis featuring the most spectacular ruins which was originally a Phoenician trading post. Today this area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a few minutes in Carthage you will understand why. The ruins are well-preserved enabling you to get a feel of what it must have been like living here all those years ago. See the spectacular Roman amphitheater and the thermal Antonine Baths. Spend some time soaking up the history at the Carthage Museum or climb up Byrsa Hill and visit the beautiful St Louis Cathedral. Sidi Bou Said You will think you are in the wrong country when you arrive in Sidi Bou Said,

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