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October 2012

You've been looking at the pictures of Tunisia from the rolling sand dunes of the Sahara Desert to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are getting a group of friends together for your next holiday adventure. There is nothing stopping you planning your own vacation, hiring a car and hitting the road when you arrive. But a private tour is probably an easier option which will reduce the stress and frustration you will go through when you can't find specific sites or book the wrong accommodation for the night. Private Luxury Tours Because you are heading to a country in North Africa does not mean you cannot enjoy luxury. Private luxury tours are designed for smaller groups from couples to a group of friends. This means that you all travel in a small group together and the knowledgeable tour guide will ensure you get to see all the major sites during your experience. The best thing about private luxury tours is that you get to stay in the top quality accommodation comprising of both four and five star luxury hotels wherever you are visiting on the tour.

The Kerkennah Islands are not very popular with tourists, in fact these are the islands that the Tunisians go to on holiday. Some people love these beautiful islands which are only twenty kilometers from Tunisia and are only three meters above sea level. For those who love to explore, you might want to include this on your Tunisia tour. The Kerkennah Islands are where you go if you are looking for a place to relax and unwind. It's agricultural in nature with plenty of fishing. Then there is the natural beauty with palm trees and long stretches of sandy beaches. The Islands are made up of two main islands and five smaller islands with Chergi being the largest of the two main islands. It's here where you can find most of the touristy attractions. Spend some time in Sidi Fredj. This is the main tourist hub of the islands and is where you will find all the hotels, restaurants and outdoor activities. Whether you want to lie by the pool of your hotel or spend some time fishing, you can do it here.

Tunisia is set in North Africa and is a country filled with natural beauty and UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are well-preserved and date back to the Roman times. Tunisia is set on the Sahara Desert to the south and stretches of Mediterranean coastline to the North. What you may not have realized is that Tunisia is the most northern country in the whole of Africa and ninety eight per cent of the population are Muslim. What this means for any tourist, especially women is to respect the religion of the country. Dress modestly except when lying by the pool or on the beach and be wary of Ramadan, where it may be frowned upon for you to eat, drink or smoke in public. Another interesting fact about the beautiful country of Tunisia is that while Arabic is spoken throughout the country, many of the residents speak French.

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