Authentic Private Tours in Tunisia

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September 2012

When visiting a foreign country, nothing gives you a truer flavour of another land than by sampling their authentic cuisine, and when it comes to unique flavour combinations and unusual recipes, Tunisia has more than its fair share of interesting dining options. Retaining a distinctive blend of both African and Mediterranean cuisines, traditional Tunisian foods are spicy and fresh, and worth travelling for. When you tour Tunisia you might want to try... Cous Cous One of the staple foods of northern Africa, cous cous is a popular grain that features in many Tunisian dishes. Whereas it is often boiled in other countries around the world, the Tunisian’s prefer theirs steamed, and they use a traditional pot known as a kiska – not unlike a Chinese style bamboo steamer – with the meat and vegetables cooking in the lower sections, and the grains steaming in the top from the vents in the pot. A popular meat-free meal is made with aromatic cous cous, chickpeas and vegetables. A sweetened version known as masfouf is commonly served during the festival of Ramadan. Shakshouka This popular breakfast dish was thought to have originated in the Ottoman Empire

Travelling to Tunisia as a family is one of those trips that offers the best of both worlds. Fun in the sun for kids of all ages, and plenty of culture and history to marvel at, all mean that there’s something in the delightfully diverse country for everyone to enjoy. In fact, there’s so much to do here that to get the most of your family vacation time, you’ll really need to plan in advance. Accommodation Starting to plan really early on includes deciding where you’re going to stay. Tunisia has a number of luxury hotels at your disposal, but before you go picking your bed by star rating it’s important to remember that Tunisia is large enough that getting around isn’t that simple. There’s no point booking a hotel on the country’s northern coastline if you’re burning to run barefoot over the dunes of the Sahara in the south. And when it comes to accommodation, you’re going to have a mammoth decision to make between independent hotels and whole resorts. Of course, if you want to go really traditional, why not book into a Bedouin campsite instead?

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