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September 2012

Tunisia located in the north of Africa is a country with a varied landscape from the stunning beaches of the Mediterranean to the sandy wind swept dunes of the Sahara Desert. This is an area rich is history and customs. Today there are a selection of museums open showcasing their heritage and enabling travellers to soak up some of the culture of the country. You might want to consider visiting some of these on your tour to Tunisia! Sidi Zitouni Art and Traditions Museum This museums is located just outside Houmt Souk and offers a collection of Muslim and Jewish dresses and jewels. There is also a dedicated potter’s workshop and guarantees any visitor an interesting experience. Museum of Traditional Inheritance The Tunisian people are very proud of their inheritance and this museum located in the heart of Medina showcases costumes, jewelry, furniture and domestic objects dating back thousands of years.

Tunisia is an area in North Africa that is filled with historical sites. The surroundings are alive with natural beauty, long stretches of sandy shoreline and sparkling oceans. Some of the top attractions you might want to consider visiting on your authentic tunisia tour are: Bulla Regia This is a city in the North West of Tunisia close to Jendouba. A roman city filled with ruins including residential villas, temples, baths and a host of religious buildings all dating back to the Hadrianic period. Cap Bon Cap Bon is located in North East Tunisia and is often called Sheriq. This area is filled with towns offering picturesque beauty and a choice of historical ruins. The popular towns in this area including Aboid, El Haouaria, Nabeul and Sidi Daoua. Carthage Step back in time in this famous ancient city of Tunisia, Carthage.

Tunisia is blessed with an interesting coastline that’s perfect for scuba diving. Several wrecks have created some interesting sights for advanced divers, and with the best reefs and dive sites located near the main tourist beaches it’s easy to get out and experience the underwater attractions of this African country. If you are looking for a tunisian tour with diving, you might want to consider... Djerba The island of Djerba is well-known for its beautiful beaches, and it has no fewer than 6 fabulous dive sites to enjoy. Ranging from intermediate to advanced, they offer a challenge for everyone other than the basic diver, and one of the most popular locations has got to be the aptly named Octopus Reef. At no more than 16m deep, the 1000m long reef enjoys great visibility, which is just what you need for spotting the elusive parrot fish that live here. Hammamet Not far from Hammamet are two great dive sites

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