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July 2012

The great thing about Tailored Tours in Tunisia is that it has a personal touch. This means that your fingerprints are all over the tour. It is your money and your time that you spend in Tunisia and therefore your right to do as you please. Here are some ideas, hints and prompts for your Tailored Tour in Tunisia. • Be authentic: I ask, ‘what is the point of touring a country without experiencing its people, culture, history and uniqueness?’ In a recent conversation with a tourist he said, ‘I tour Tunisia not to meet other foreigners or to experience a foreign culture, but to meet locals, eat their food and to build new relationships with Tunisians’. • Get to know the local people: I have been living in this country for a few years already. I am a seasoned traveller and have seen many cultures and know a few languages. The Tunisian people are very friendly, honest and easy to get on with. When you plan your trip to Tunisia, make sure that you are not trapped in a hotel, but get out to where the people are. Visit local coffee shops, walk the souqs, get off the beaten track where locals gather.

Tunisia is a small country in North Africa surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Algeria and Libya. When looking at a map, this country is such a small slither of the northern part of Africa, but it is a country rich is natural beauty and bursting with history and culture. From the bustling city of Tunis and the modern town of Gafsa to the north down to the magnificent and picturesque Sahara Desert in the south, this country has so much to offer tourists. Golden beaches and green forests all the way to the sandy dunes of the desert welcome over seven million tourists each year. The Mediterranean climate offers hot and dry summers and mild winters, making this a popular tourist destination throughout the year. Though the best time to tour Tunisia is during the spring time, March to May, when the weather is warm, but not unbearably hot, especially if you want to explore the dunes of the desert. On the northern side of Tunisia is where you will find the magnificent beaches

When you ask many Europeans about Tunisia, the first thing that comes to mind is the amazing beach vacations. Is that all Tunisia has to offer? Are there Tunisia tours that allow you to experience the authentic Tunisia? Historical Tours Tunisia has 8 UNESCO World heritage sites which makes it an important historical destination. Traveling from Carthage to El Jem, Tunisia Tours offer tons of history for those historical lovers. Makes sure to include a stop to Kairaouan and the massive mosque. Cultural Tours If you want to experience the real Tunisia, make sure that you

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